Telephony Services

wirelurker-menace-malware-reluque-OS-X-iOS-chineModern information technology has revolutionised the way businesses communicate by telephone, as much as it has the internet and computer hardware. Infinet Technology offers cutting-edge telephony services to business users.

By integrating your IT and telephone systems, you can benefit from a faster, more effective means of voice communication, as well as significant savings.

Advantages of integrated telephone and IT systems
  • Keep your existing phone numbers
  • Incorporate any number of users into a single system – Very useful for call centres and large offices.
  • Integrate mobiles, landlines and device communications (such as Facetime and Skype)
  • A faster, more efficient service
  • Voice conferences and group phone calls have never been easier
  • Save money compared to your current supplier

We offer an advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) service as part of a wider broadband or IT support package, or as a service on its own.

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