Cloud Continuity

Cloud Continuity for PCs is much more than just cloud backup. It effectively protects Windows-based computers from downtime and data loss and more importantly rapidly recovers data if disaster strikes. A tremendous amount of important business data still lives locally on employee PCs. Keep it protected with Cloud Continuity for PCs. Cloud continuity provides:

Reliable Computer Backup – complete protection from everyday data loss including accidental deletion, ransomware and lost or stolen devices

Appliance-free – Windows backup directly to the cloud ensuring that your data is protected no matter what

Secure Backup – Cloud continuity compresses and encrypts your data  ensuring minimum bandwidth use and maximum security

Flexible recovery options – recover individual files or folders, rollback from ransomware attacks and restore lost or stolen PCs

Guaranteed backups – Cloud continuity automatically verifies every backup

Proactive management – All backups are monitored from our network operations centre ensuring allowing us to act in the unlikely event of a failure

One year retention – Cloud continuity retains backups for 12 months giving your peace of mind

One terabyte, one price, zero complications – Cloud continuity for PCs protects an entire terabyte of data for one price with no over-usage charges