IT Support in Derby

Stress-Free IT Support

I.T. problems can have a devastating effect on your business if they’re not resolved promptly. We provide managed support packages, complimentary support and emergency support to keep your I.T. environment running.

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Stress-Free IT Security

At Infinet Technology, we provide ongoing, bespoke antivirus protection designed to meet your needs and keep your IT systems secure. For a small monthly fee, we will identify your security weaknesses and put in place an antivirus shield that is responsive to all the latest threats.

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Stress-Free Business Continuity

Our business continuity services remove the worry of losing valuable data, so you can get on with the work at hand. Our cloud based system securely backs up your files to our own servers, without you having to do a thing. And in the event of a disaster we will even recover your data for you.

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About Us

We believe that every business, every charity, every non-profit, every school and every college deserves excellent I.T.

We provide a full range of managed I.T. services to organisations from one user upwards. We aim to make things easy for our customers by offering a comprehensive set of managed IT services at affordable prices, so you don’t have to flit between different suppliers. Please take a look through our website to find out more.

Straightforward Pricing

I.T. can complex enough, so we believe in keeping our pricing simple and easy to understand. We like to keep our pricing clear. Our services are built to respond to your requirements. Our services are built to respond to your business and to change as you grow. Change the number of computers at your office? That’s fine. Change the amount of data handled by your business? That’s fine as well. Simply let us know your changed requirements and let us handle the rest. We have the flexibility to accommodate you without the need to renegotiate the entire contract or levy unnecessary surcharges.